September 29, 2012

LITTLE RED ROOSTER - The Rolling Stones


I bought this album for my first serious adult party — Mateus for sipping, some mousaka dolled out on melmac plates by first gal pal, Tina Van Van and Stevie Turbo, loads of cool lighting and just a house full of wonderful folks — we played this album over and over!  Yeah we thought the Mateus was pretty cool and some wound up in the hooka too!  So It’s the Monday Got The Blues selection from the Flimwell Papers because I got a hankerin’ for that party night and that time today…..

August 24, 2012

NOT FADE AWAY - The Rolling Stones


Yesterday’s Elvis tune was a monumental one minute and fifty-nine seconds long….and it’s great….and this classic visit to early Mick and Co is in at watch melting 1:47!  It’s got it all a surly, snarly, poutin’ Mick back by a bar band that kicks the shit outta everyone else on the bill……ahhhh….the stuff of legend!  So it’s a synch for Wednesday Is Wild or Worldly pick of the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner.  Rock…Rock it….

August 5, 2012

LOVING CUP - The Rolling Stones


There are a few songs better known for featuring Charlie Watts’ drumming but this one is a personal favourite and a song that is not often played these days.  It’s a gem of a tune and you can hear why even Keith Moon said that Charlie was so underrated as a Rock’n’Roll drummer.  So it’s usually a Blues tune for our Monday brief but this is close enough and another way to honour Mr. Watts’ 71st!  I am also thinking of a few dear Tumblr amigos who have been around since I found this place and who I thank….mariposimaflectontartanspartanredjeephoratiotrobinson and so many many others…..blessings to you!!!!

So this is the Monday Got Some Stones to Play selection of the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner!

July 31, 2012



So I’m thinking my Mother would have said something along the lines of “…after having you kids and to bring you up, you’re lucky my little helper is gin….”

So it’s rebloggin’ Sunday and this fits….merci beaucoup to pleasedontsqueezetheshaman for sending out way….

July 28, 2012


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July 19, 2012

I NEED YOU BABY (Mona) - The Rolling Stones


Vintage Stones…best damn live U.K. band ever!  This one takes me back but rather that bore you chillen with Ol’Geezer Hippie trips back to the day…take some libations and enjoy the sounds of The Rolling Stones doing their take on Black American music!

July 18, 2012

YOU GOT THE SILVER - The Rolling Stones

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July 17, 2012

UNDER MY THUMB - The Rolling Stones

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June 30, 2012

EMOTIONAL RESCUE - The Rolling Stones


Admittedly not their best side, but certainly not their worst… definitely Mick at is leeringly good wink best and  rest of The Stones at their cheesey best here and we love it….and sending out for all who need rescue this weekend!  From the sticky note stuck to the back of this Lp I haven’t listened to this track since 1984  —- now that’s probably a good reason to say it’s “new” for All Things New Fridays here at the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner!  Peace to y’all and happy landings…stay safe now!

June 20, 2012

VENTILATOR BLUES - The Rolling Stones

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