June 2, 2013

IT’S ALL OVER NOW - The Rolling Stones

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May 20, 2013



Sister Morphine ~ Ren Harvieu

I just love the way the piano and Ren’s voice work together.  This is kinda down song thing but I’ve come up for air after my two days in the clutches of the medicos at Kings College Hosp.  Great nurse there, a new gal, Teddie and she loved that I played this full blast and hummed as they did an MRI of my back today. She said I was a wicked but dignified dude!  So sending it along to you…hope you’ll enjoy this very fine rendition of Mr Jagger & Mr. Richards’ classic — peace y’all! 

April 20, 2013

MERCY, MERCY ~ Don Covay 

The career of singer Don Covay spanned virtually the entirety of the R&B spectrum, from the electrifying rock & roll of his earliest records to the gritty, Southern Soul of later years! I had the chance to see him preform many times and he was always a great act….sometimes wilder than The Wicked One Wilson Pickett — once appearing onstage in a dive joint in Boston with none other than Ronnie Wood!  This song “Mercy Mercy” featured a then-unknown and very young Jimi Hendrix on guitar and was later covered by the Rolling Stones. Covay went on to write songs for Solomon Burke and Gladys Knight & The Pips. Google him if you want to know and be sure to pick up a few of his sides then too!  So this is the Soul Classics of Saturday Got Soul selection from the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner.  Peace and licorice allsorts, y’all!  

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April 15, 2013

HONKY TONK WOMEN - The Rolling Stones

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February 13, 2013

HONKY TONK WOMEN - The Rolling Stones

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January 21, 2013

NO EXPECTATIONS - The Rolling Stones


No Expectations ~ The Rolling Stones

I was flying low and watching the great little Stonesian piece, Crossfire Hurricane, when the final few shots of film of Brian Jones and his Stones brothers flicked by.  It was sad to see, hard to watch and yet, as Mick points out in the narration, out of this myopic drug hazed eyes and non-functioning brain there were these last few guitar lines! Just a moment there he was Brian the gifted…..and then gone!  Mick adds that then it just all happened and he was gone.  Looking back now, Jagger, opines, you just feel we could have done something, done more!    So before the merrily dizzy ditties that are the Xmas tunes, I thought to listen to this with new ears, it’s so fresh and tragically beautiful.  Bless all the years, bless all the music, cheers from the Friday selection from the Flimwell Music Papers’ Music Corner.   I’d like this one on my wake mixtape please…..

January 11, 2013

I NEED YOU BABY (MONA) - The Rolling Stones


One of the ones they didn’t do last night — I was smuggled in against doc’s orders, strongly held to the earth in a wheelchair and on meds with a flask of coco at my side too!  Worth every pennY!   I loved that Mick has more energy than most half his age, Charlie looked cold but played so very well, Keith still has a great solo in him — and he let us have it!  Bless’em!  

This is where I first encountered them and I’ve loved them every since.  You see in the vanilla pages of my oh so snow white Canada you didn’t hear no Blues or hard on R’n’B on the radio or tv.  Bless them, bless you! 

December 31, 2012

RIP THIS JOINT - The Rolling Stones


As I gather up the unravelled sleeve of this life, every once in a while I just wanna do this…and today I did, just rip this joint!!! Ain’t nothin’ as good as the stonking sax solos on here, a great bit of rhythm guitar by Keith and snarlin’ sassy lyrics biting into the sweat of a hard day by Mick…..rawk and rollin’!  Oh, yeah it’s the Tuesday Got Steel Wheels and Exiles on Main Streets selection from the Flimwell Papers’ Music Corner!!  Peace and love, babies! 

October 15, 2012

TELL ME - The Rolling Stones (1964)

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October 7, 2012

FAR AWAY EYES - The Rolling Stones


Like all good musicians Keith and Mick are such wonderful magpies — the larceny here is a lift of the great Bakersfield moments in Country music — and there is nothing mawkish or phoney at all here…smiles all the way through! I went back to this one after getting tweet thingy from an old pal Mr. Isaak, who’ll be in town soon. who said this is a great jukebox tune, one of the best!  I had a gal with far away eyes once….on the road to Istanbul!  Happy 50th, gents!